Tougher punishment for gun crime deaths

Gun crime has been a concern for Sydnesiders in recent times. 

The rate of gang related violence on Sydney streets seems to be on the rise as drive by shootings and other gun crimes occur almost weekly. 

These brazen shooters occasionally commit these offences during broad daylight with no regard for anyone.

It’s the nature of the underworld in which they live in. Scores aren’t usually settled amicably. Reprisals are expected. Rival criminal families enter into wars the masses cannot and never will comprehend. 

Bikie gangs battle against one another over turf. Serious messages are sent to one another through violence -and they are bold in their actions.

So it is no surprise that eventually innocent bystanders would get caught in the crossfire. Innocent people going about their daily business. 

A blameless father in the Sydney suburb of Heckenberg was fatally shot in the head while in his vehicle as he was attempting to drive to the shops to collect his mother. He was not a criminal. He was not involved in any dispute with anyone. Just a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Three people were shot in Bankstown earlier this month, one fatally and one being an innocent woman who has no connection to the targeted victim or the shooter. A mother sitting at the table of a cafe, minding her own business. An unsuspecting victim doing nothing out of the ordinary. 

Any of us could’ve been in their shoes. 

When an offender is apprehended, our legal system doesn’t view any shooting in a light manner.

Each and every matter with an element relating to guns is taken seriously and retribution dealt fairly. 

However, a more severe penalty should be imposed on shooters who didn’t shoot straight.

Tougher punishment should be introduced for individuals who kill or injure an innocent victim while carrying out their planned offence. 

These innocent men and women didn’t subscribe to this type of violence and a higher term of imprisonment for offenders might serve as a deterrent and prevent the loss of lives. 

A minimum sentence should be considered for crimes where a firearm is discharged and the result is tragic for innocent bystanders. 

  • Ljupka Subeska is a Kogarah lawyer

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