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About Ljupka Subeska, Principal

The firm is led by Ljupka Subeska, principal, supported by a wider network of barristers, subject matter experts, psychologists, doctors, specialists and support staff:

Ljupka Subeska is an experienced criminal lawyer with almost 15 years in the profession in all jurisdictions. She is dedicated, intelligent, strategic, well connected and applies all resources to the cases at hand.

During her time in the legal profession, she has worked on some of Sydney’s most high-profile cases. And also practices in the Fijian High Court since 2014.

Ljupka Subeska has appeared as a legal expert and a media commentator during her years as high a profile criminal lawyer. She has also written articles published by independent reputable newspapers.

Due to her connections, she has access to Australian and international experts and barristers. She has also practiced in Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria. 

Ljupka Subeska also lectures at the Traffic Offenders program associate with ASPIRE Traffic Offender course.

Ms Ljupka Subeska is well regarded by the legal community Nationally and Internationally.

Ljupka Subeska